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Examples of work

Here are some examples of the types of meetings, workshops and events that I have facilitated. Such as away days and project evaluations, strategic planning and stakeholder engagement:

Away days

For example, I led an organisation wide discussion about culture and values with >150 people at an all staff away day. This was to help scope a larger scale project to refresh organisational values.

Stakeholder engagement

Such as a series of interactive workshops to refresh organisational values and identify associated ways of working aligned to a new strategic plan.

Team building

For instance, I facilitated a workshop for a new team following the merger of 3 teams with different expertise.  My plan helped them get to know each other, share their history and develop a new, shared vision and identity.

Project evaluations

For example, I facilitated an evaluation with a multi-disciplinary team from different organisations working together on a digital project. The session included identifying key successes, lessons learned and changes needed to collaborate more effectively in future.


Also, I have co-planned and facilitated a workshop with senior leaders to scope a new approach to leadership and management development.

Problem solving

I have also designed and facilitated a series of sessions to gather data, gain insight and support action planning. This was to help reduce conflict and enable high performance in a team with low levels of engagement.

Strategic planning

For example, I ran a series of strategic planning sessions with an HR team. This was to develop one year and longer term plans and budgets aligned to organisational strategic goals.

“Move it” days*

I facilitated a group of HR colleagues helping them develop and implement in one day a new approach to induction.

*“Move it” days focus on getting things done that have got stuck on to-do lists but need doing!

Business planning

As an example, I designed and ran a one day business planning workshop with 3 therapists. This was to help them explore their ideas and develop an action plan for establishing a professional practice together.

Do contact me if you need facilitation support for an event you are planning.  I’d be happy to discuss how I can help you achieve your goals.